Ahmednagar Jilha Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj's


Well Equipped Building

Sanstha Provided well equipped building to senior college. There are separate section for library, office and Gymnasium Hall.


In Science faculty Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Electronics, Geography, department have facilities provided water, electricity, gas as well as modern equipments. Every department have their individual well equipped Laboratory.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab having multimedia internet connectivity facility for students.


In higher education library have too much importance according to that progress is continuously going on Library contains test books, Reference books and Literary books etc.


Department of Gymkhana has very much importance in physical development of the student. College have huge playground where various games such as Hollyball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc. Students are awarded for the extra- ordinary achievements. Students are provided various sports equipment and instruments for the exercise


N.S.S. worked to develop Social and National awareness in students mind. In the N.S.S. selected students are included. From the college N.S.S. organized various activity in villege such as Plantation. Conservation, personality Development N.S.S organized various activity with the help of savitribai Phule Pune university Selected candidates are participated in various activities. Admission Capacity- Intake capacity for the N.S.S is 100 students. The students are worked for 120 hrs. in the academic year. In every academic year N.S.S organized special winter camp for 7 days. As per University Circular No- 163 students ar awarded extra 5 marks in Final examination.