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Get mastery over different languages to achieve goals

District Police Superintendent Rajankumar Sharma; Opening of Competitive Examination Guidance Centers.
If you want to achieve your goals, then the superintendent of District police Rajan kumar Sharma has appealed to the students to master their language as their mother tongue.
He was speaking at the inauguration of MulikaDevi College Competitive Examination Guidance Centers at the hands of Mr. Sharma. Wing Commander Pramod Kaila, Principal Doct. Sahdev Aher, Director of Uva Career Academy Kiran Rahane, Police Inspector Hanuman Gade, Eknath Pathare, Principle Aanad Patekar and others were present at the inauguration of the college’s competition examination guidance center. Sharma said that today’s run-of-the-mind and information technology students and students from the rural areas are given competitive examinations. Internet’s through the medium.
Nothing is impossible for children to get big dreams.
The certificates given to Madhuri Nichit, Alphiya Momin, Nilesh Kawad. who had achieved success in the examination conducted in the college. Principal of the co-ordination Amrita Pawse and grateful Principle.Aanad Patekar they considered.